Proper Bone Content For a Raw Fed Dog

Proper Bone Content For a Raw Fed Dog

Raw diets come in many forms. You can get meat in a tub, patty form or even a block of meat. Just when that gets confusing you can start to see the many formulas you will see in each form. Some are pure muscle meat, some meat and organ, some meat organ and bone and even some with meat organ bone fruits or vegetables and more. As if this isn't confusing enough each recipe can vary... I mean from no bone to 25% bone... from no vegetables or fruits to 25% vegetables and fruits and from no organ to 20% organs. 

We will save the other topics for another day and focus on Bone Content in raw food today. The primary need for raw bones in your dogs diet is they are an excellent source of calcium and used to balance out the phosphorus in meat. If however the bone content is too high or too low you can throw off the balance and create potential issues. Ultimately the argument has been between 10% bone all the way up to 20% bone in your dogs raw diet. However from watching dogs on various raw diets for over ten years at a dog Camp I have seen very few dogs thrive on the higher bone content. 

Always get the raw food with the bone content on the lower end of that scale. That way if your not adding anything to their diet at least it has proper existing bone content and if you choose to add R.M.B. Raw Meaty Bones to your dogs diet you will have some room to breath on the bone content. Many raw feeders feed raw meaty bones as treats, teeth cleaners or mind challenging toys. The last thing we would want is for your dogs diet to be made up for 25%+ bone and end up with dry painful stools or constipation as well as long term chronic health issues. 

Whole Animal Diets need to be balanced out. A huge community would argue that although a chicken has 30% bone in its body that your dog would eat the whole thing and therefore someone who takes whole chickens and grinds them is providing your dog with the closest thing to a "complete meal". I see two issues with this. First a chickens organs are tiny and if your dog is eating 5lbs of bone and meat and only 1/8lb of organs they would be at 2.5% organs in their diet. Secondly no dog would eat the entire carcass of the chicken every time they got a kill. In the wild your dog would have known how to balance out its own food over time... Eat the whole chicken, but than eat only meat and organs from its next kill, etc. Not to say all whole animal diets are bad, just that if the nutritionist has not taken the time to ensure they are balanced they are less than ideal.



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    I’m very interested in your product ,however the one issue I’m having is that all your formulas seem to contain tripe and my guy finds that to rich for his system . I know our local tail Blazers is going to be bringing this product in and the one thing I do like is the fact that you try to keep your bone to 10% as I’m also feeding cats and if I make my own I usually aim for a 84/6/10 for them. I would really love to try your product when it arrives but think the tripe will definitely be an issue for the dog and I don’t think my cats will eat it going from previous experience. I guess I can only try and see what happens.


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