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"We are so happy we switched Jelly to Back2Raw. Our dog is prone to weight gain, with severe allergies to poultry; we couldn't find a "diet" food that she wasn't allergic to, even the hypoallergenic kibbles were causing her to have reactions and itchy skin - and it couldn't have tasted good because she never wanted to eat. She was on meds for her allergies and arthritis pain, and spent most evenings lazing around. After just 1 week on Back2Raw, we saw a huge improvement in Jelly's energy levels. Now, she constantly wants to play, and jumps on the couch with no problems. Her ears aren't itchy or red. Her once-daily meds are now only given as needed, usually just after a long day of active playing. And she looks forward to every meal gobbling it up in no time! I am so happy we switched and I recommend Back2Raw to every dog owner I know "

Lisa & Jelly, Dundas Ontario