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Family Owned - Dog Crazy.

Annalore, Rebecca, Delsin and Dean.  Milo the Jack Russel and Tahlia the Mutt. Are the people and the dogs Behind Back2Raw.

Annalore - "Guru" Dog Camp owner for over 10 years, dog intuitive and healer

Rebecca - Pet Sitter, Walker and Dog Camp Counselor, has some human friends too

Delsin - Worked with and around dogs since early teens, really likes making Raw Pet Food

Dean - Dog Camp owner for over 10 years, not too bad with people either


The Back2Raw Evolutionary Diet Is 100% Canadian.

Starting by sourcing from local family farms who raise antibiotic & hormone free high quality meats.

Even down to our innovative packaging developed by Canadian companies.

All the way to our support of local business owners in your community who are as passionate for the health of your pets as we are!

We believe local is the key to our success and to Canada's Success!

100% Satisfaction - We gurantee your dog(s) will love our products or we'll make it right. 


Nutrition is vital to all lives

Dean and Annalore ran a Health Food store in Toronto, ON for over 10 years. They  nourished the community in The Beach and bring that expertise to Back2Raw to help nourish your pets.

Rebecca being undiagnosed with celiac disease for at least 8 years understands the detriment of wrong foods. Her journey to health has lead to a deep understanding of nutrition and its ability to heal

Delsin having been a personal trainer and well studied in human nutrition, now a dog food nutrition specialist, understands what nutrients can make a significant contribution to your dog having a long and healthy life 



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