{Since starting Back2Raw} Severide is back to being his old self again. He's energetic, his rashes are gone, hair has grown back, his ears aren't inflamed anymore. I'm so happy with it all! I've been recommending Back2Raw for anyone who asks me about raw food.

Kainaz & Severide - Oakville, ON

They absolutely love it! They're never crazy about eating, it seems like they eat to just to keep them alive haha but they were crazy about {Back2Raw}! Loved the texture and licked their bowls clean! Which they hardly ever do! The food is a definite winner!

Megan, Macy & Piper - Ajax, ON

I think I have almost tried every single brand of raw with my dogs as we use 300 pounds a month! Can't say how much I love your food! Wow! It's top notch!

Christina & Indy - Barrie, ON

My Smooth Coat Collie has digestive issues with kibble. I tried many kinds. He does great on raw and loves all the different proteins from Back2Raw.

Gregg & Rafael - Toronto, ON

He loves Back2Raw and we're really happy about it!

Denise & Jax - Ontario

I have the fussiest dog in the world and for 8 years, have not found anything that he actually looks forward to eating until trying Back 2 Raw. I have taken away the kibble and he is a very happy dog  

Deborah & Hogan - Milton, On

Just decided to try it recently, and it's been a hit with our pups. The 1lb patties are great for feeding accuracy... were pleased knowing it a well balanced meal.

Richard, Sulivan & Cooper - Ontario

We switched to your food a couple months ago and I am so glad to have these tubs. Less mess, easy storage and my dogs love it.

Cathy & Daisy - Ontario

We are so happy we switched Jelly to Back2Raw. Our dog is prone to weight gain, with severe allergies to poultry; we couldn't find a "diet" food that she wasn't allergic to, even the hypoallergenic kibbles were causing her to have reactions and itchy skin - and it couldn't have tasted good because she never wanted to eat. She was on meds for her allergies and arthritis pain, and spent most evenings lazing around. After just 1 week on Back2Raw, we saw a huge improvement in Jelly's energy levels. Now, she constantly wants to play, and jumps on the couch with no problems. Her ears aren't itchy or red. Her once-daily meds are now only given as needed, usually just after a long day of active playing. And she looks forward to every meal gobbling it up in no time! I am so happy we switched and I recommend Back2Raw to every dog owner I know   

Lisa & Jelly - Dundas, On

wanted to thank Delsin & Rebecca for their exceptional and very knowledgeable help. I contacted them about a week ago through their website to inquire about getting my 7 month old Maltipoo started on Raw food. Gatsby was on Acana Small Breed Puppy food but he was just too fussy and I was getting worried at his picky eating and throwing up bile if he went to long between eating, even though he was free fed. Delsin responded immediately to my many emails. He delivered the freezer bag of food on Friday and stayed to reassure me and instruct me on the feeding. Even in Gatsby's extreme excitement to visit with his new friend he stopped to eat every bit of his new dinner! WOW He loves it! I fed him his last of his daily portion later in the evening and again he ate the entire portion and licked the bowl clean! He wagged his tail the entire time he was eating! I can't say enough on my experience getting Gatsby set up on his new and obviously better food and for the amazing care that we received. 100% I would recommend this product and company to anyone in London looking to switch their fussy eaters over to raw.

- Thank you Delsin and Rebecca from Gatsby and Cyndy - London, ON
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