Is Raw Ideal for Dogs of all Sizes?

Little dogs, big dogs and medium dogs. Is raw the perfect food for them all?

This is a matter of looking back at what each breed would have done in the past. Would your tiny little Pomeranian hunt tiny mice? Would your Great Dane chase down animals in the wild? The short answer is yes, something along those lines.

Each breed would have its select food range based on size. This food would be mostly meat with a percentage of vegetables, fruits and grasses. But not grains. We can tell this by the dogs teeth. They move up and down, but not side to side like a humans, a cows or any herbivore. This can make it very difficult to break down grains properly. We can also tell by their digestive tract, it is much much shorter than that of any herbivore allowing it to process raw meats with little to no risk.  

I think its a hard argument to say that raw would not fit for most if not all dogs. All breeds and all sizes. 

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