flash frozen raw dog food

New Size! New Price! New Packaging!

Rebecca and I have been working hard on improving our product, including the experience for the customer as well as quality and price. We have experimented with a new packaging design over the past few weeks to come up with a bag that is both good for retail display but more importantly a smarter fit for your freezer. This bag is also resealable to keep the wholesome ingredients at their best.
Our new raw dog food packaging
The new bag's are 4.5 lb and contain a dozen hand packed patties. The patties do not stick together like rocks as with some.
Along with the new packaging we have come up with a new pricing structure that makes our products an even greater value. You can check out our new prices under the products page.
Everyday we are doing our very best to innovate our product, all feedback is welcome and we will do our best to make feeding your dog raw easy & affordable because every K9 deserves the very best life and that starts with what they eat.
All the best,
Rebecca & Delsin
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