If Dogs Are Carnivores, Why Do They Need Fruits & Vegetables?

If Dogs Are Carnivores, Why Do They Need Fruits & Vegetables?

It is becoming more and more commonly concluded by professionals that dogs have many carnivorous traits, and even some professionals are saying that dogs may be full on carnivores. This comes at no surprise to many, when you look at their teeth. And even how many breeds act around other animals. You can tell that they definitely have a prey drive.

So let's go with the newly popular idea that dogs are in fact carnivores. Than why do we add fruits and vegetables to our recipes? The simple answer is that it's to balance out the meal for your furry friends, but let's get a little more in depth.

In the wild dogs would hunt wild animals, the animals that became their meals would often be herbivores or omnivores. The herbivores or omnivores would have undigested and partially digested fruits and vegetables in their stomach that the dog would consume along with the rest of the carcass. This would allow the dog to consume many vital nutrients for their health and well being.

In today’s closest replication of the natural diet for dogs. Raw feeding. We are often feeding farm animals, fish and tamed animals. These animals often have much more restricted diets than the wild animals your dog would have hunted. This can often be restricted to animal feeds and single item diets for many animals. And more often than not the animals available today will not be slaughtered with food still in their stomach, and more important the meat available to humans is cleaned of stomach content. This can create a lack of nutrients for your dog when sticking to a pure meat diet.

Well ground fruits and vegetables are more digestible to your dog than full fruits and vegetables. Sure it's easy to just add a apple slice or carrot to your dog's meal. But it's not necessarily anywhere near as nutritious to your dog as well ground fruits and vegetables. The other issue with adding vegetables separately is if you have a picky eater he/she may avoid the vegetables all together.

We create a balance of fruits and vegetables to fit your dog's nutritional needs, we balance out vitamins and minerals of all kinds to create a nutrient rich raw food perfect for your pet's best health. Our finely ground fruits and vegetables nutritional content is super available to your dog and easily palatable.


Delsin Boyd,

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