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Back 2 Raw’s Flash Frozen Raw Pet Patties

Back 2 Raw is proud to announce that we now flash freeze our raw foods. So today i'm excited to discuss the benefits and impacts this will have for you and your furry friends.

Minimal Nutrition Loss

All pet foods on the market today have nutrition loss. Some more than others. I have an article explaining the different nutrition loss in different pet foods ranging from kibble to freeze dried. We are happy to announce Flash Freezing has amongst the lowest possible nutrition loss in your pets food.

No More Sticking Together

Many of the raw pet food patties on the market take lots of time, energy and tools to pry apart. This can be super annoying if you are in a rush or trying to thaw patties just before bed. Our special method involves fully flash freezing the raw patties before packaging. This allows you to easily remove the desired amount of patties from the bag with no need for difficult prying or tools.  One less reason to excuse yourself from feeding your cat or dog a raw food diet :).

No freezer burn

Our raw patties will be freezer burn free. When raw meat is frozen at such a low temperature at such a fast speed it prevents the buildup of ice crystals or freezer burn. This means a tastier, fresher and more nutritious meal for your dog. It also contributed to the previous point. Without the development of ice crystals the patties will not freeze together.

Faster thaw time

Meats that have been flash frozen actually thaw faster than meats frozen in standard methods. This means you can get your frozen pet food to a nice serving temperature quicker than with traditionally made raw pet foods.

Delsin Boyd,

Certified Pet Nutrition Specialist

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