Top Reasons To Make BACK2RAW Your Retail Partner

Reason 1 - Quality & Affordability

We hand craft each batch with a Back2Raw owner involved in every step. Quality, consistency and freshness are assured when a company cares as much as we do.

Reason 2 - More Money In Your Pocket

Back2Raw offers products in a format that allows for prices that will actually sell while offering you competitive margins for the raw food industry 

Reason 3 - Support & Sales

Not only will we support your company promotions, launch promotions and do in store events. We will also be driving store traffic from our very own dog camp, local community and dog specific events, online marketing including social media and real world marketing too!


Reason 4 - Brick and Morter Protection

We want to be your favourite brand to sell, from the stories you hear about healthy dogs to the way our staff and company treats you. As a store you have the  opportunity to exclusively offer our loyalty program.


Reason 5 - A Complete line

Our authentic pet cuisine is crafted with 4 key nutritional components that we have found to be fundamental in the health of your pets digestive system. With two distinct recipes, Complete Meals & Basic Formulas, we have a species correct option whether your customers are looking for ready to serve or a do-it-yourself diet.

Reason 6 - Staff Discount

Our wholesome cuisines are a reflection of the passionate way our family lives. We want you and your four-legged family to be as passionate about Back2Raw as we are! 

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