Top Reasons To choose back2raw as your retail partner

Reason 1 - Quality & Affordability

A brand you can beilieve in that will fly off the shelf. We hand craft each batch with a Back2Raw owner involved in every step. Quality, consitancy and freshness are assured when a company cares as much as we do.

Reason 2 - More Money In Your Pocket

Back2Raw offers amongst the highest margins in the raw food industry, on products at prices that will actually sell.

Reason 3 - Support & Sales

Not only will we support your company promotions, launch promotions and do in store events. We will also be driving store traffic from our very own dog camp, local community and dog specific events, online marketing including social media and real world marketing too!


Reason 4 - Brick and Morter Protection

We want to be your favourite brand to sell. From the stories you hear about healthy dogs to the way our staff and company treats you. We dont want to compete with you, our online delivery is only offered to people without a local pet food store selling Back2Raw. We also do not allow Backyard raw sellers to sell our products.


Reason 5 - A Complete line

Our amazing selection of products can quickly become your top sellers or for some of our retaillers their only sellers in the raw catagory. With many high quality protein options in multiple serving formats and 2 very distinctive options. Our basics line and complete line of products along with our edibones will have your customers feeling content with choice.

Reason 6 - Staff Discount

Becoming a Back2Raw partner means beilieving in our brand. We would love you to feed our raw! 

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