Kibble is Processed and Raw Food is Fresh!

Kibble is Processed and Raw Food is Fresh!

It's 2018! Many medical professionals are preaching the effects of eating overly processed foods

(fast food restaurants and heavily packaged goods) as negative for your health. Good eating and proper exercise is becoming mainstream and were understanding the foods that are going into our bodies better than ever! Food can make us unhealthy, so choose the right foods!


One group of medical professionals seems to be left in the dust.

Kibble is a heavily processed and so far from its natural form. And yet if I were to ask 10 veterinarians if kibble is "healthy" for my dog at least 9 would say yes.


How can their be such a divide?

on one hand we have people learning about "healthy fats', " Healthy vs Processed Carbs" And not to eat fast food 7 days a week, overly packaged goods with too many preservatives probably arent healthy and so on. But on the other end the medical  professionals of the dog world saying that your best friend will be fine eating the same over packaged over preserved food that can sit on a shelf at room temperature for a very long time without "going bad" day in and day out for the rest of their lives. 


Is it outdated information? or are dogs just that different from humans?

The simple answer is yes to both. Dogs are very different than humans. They need a much different diet to survive and have a very different digestive system. However this does not mean we should ignore the primary principles to healthy eating. Fresh is best, the less processing the better. Kibble has been a very popular choice for a very long time. This could be due to no one knowing better or the simplicity and ease of feeding kibble. 


Now we know better...

We now know better and have no more excuses, just because the medical professionals of the dog world haven't caught up yet doesn't mean you should wait. Talk to anyone feeding their pet a good raw food diet, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

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