Family Owned

When a Family understand and cares for dogs as much as we do its only natural we feed our own dogs the very best. Our mission has always been to better each dog's health mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Back2Raw was the natural next step in fulfilling our mission, as a raw dog food manufacturer, we are very proud and exited to share our complete & balanced handcrafted pet cuisine with everyone.

Honest  & Transparent

Our team has the experience and knowledge to formulate a raw food that cant be matched. With over 30 years from feeding to caring and two fully certified pet food nutrition specialists This allows for truthful labeling, claims and nutritional information. From the clarity of our packaging we set the tone. We are transparent in whats in our food, how our foods made and who is making it.

A Convenient Complete & Balanced Meal

Whether your have a small dog or a huge dog, we have made it our mission to simplify raw feeding. With our 1/2lb (8 oz) and (1lb 16 oz) patties and our 2lb and 4lb tubs your sure to find a combination that makes a simple thaw and serve. 

Not just complete according to the animal food control boards. They don't look at the dogs ability to actually digest nutrients from the foods they are consuming, simply that the nutrients exist. We have put in heavy research and trials to truly understand what foods make your dog thrive. That's why we have our signature 10% bone, 10% organ and biologically appropriate protein to fat ratios creating the balance needed in your dogs diet. 

Value Without Compromise

Not to be confused with cheap. Some brands focus is to bring you meat at a low price per pound, our focus is to bring you a high quality and complete diet at the best price with no compromise on quality or convenience.