Q:  What is "Back 2 Raw"

A: Back 2 Raw is a new company specializing in raw dog food.  It covers all stages of life and promotes a healthier life style for your dog vs kibble.

Q: I heard raw dog food can be unsafe and become contaminated easily.

A: Quality raw food from suppliers like Back 2 Raw have the same risk factors as the fresh chicken you buy at the grocery store. If you already practice proper food sanitation in your home during your own food preparations then raw food would follow the same guidelines, making it safe to handle and serve to your furry friend.

For proper raw meat handling always use soap and hot water to sanitize any utensils, counters and your hands after handling. We highly recommend washing your dog’s feeding bowl daily and letting it air dry.

Our raw food comes frozen and should be kept frozen solid, only thaw daily portions in your fridge up to 48 hours prior to feeding.

Q:  How much raw do I feed my dog?

A:  Please refer to our Feeding Guide page to calculate how much raw your dog will need based on weight.  For a more advanced calculation of the amount of food your dog will need and the best recipe for them please email back2raw.ca@Gmail.com with your dogs current weight, age, activity level, breed and if they are currently at a healthy weight. 

Q:Why is your food more expensive than kibble? My dogs kibble is only X Amount a month.
A: Well every dog food company always claims to be giving your dog 100% balanced nutrition a quick look at their ingredient list will quickly discredit their claim.
Back 2 Raw proudly list its ingredients because our main product is Real meat. We use ZERO filler, that's no CORN, no WHEAT, no RICE, and no BARLEY
By using real meats and vegetables, not processed ingredients and fillers, we cannot match the price of kibble.
An added bonus! Our meals include bones which are natures toothbrush. The average owner of a mid size dog will not only feed kibble but also can dog food and a dental treat.