**CLOSED GOOD FRIDAY April 7** Deliveries moved one day ahead

Our Complete Meals are Balanced and Ready to serve.

Containing 70% Lean Antibiotic & Hormone Free Muscle Meat, Organ, Bone, Green Beef Tripe, Greens, Berries. Avocado, Coconut Oil and our Complementary Blend of herbs and spices.

Back2Raw Evolutionary Diet 10% Bone, 10% Organs, Ideal Protein to Fat Ratio and natural source of Omega 3 & 6.


4lb Complete Box

Each Box Contains 8 - 1/2lb Thermoformed patties (8oz) (Easy peel, fast thaw & vacuum sealed to lock in freshness) 3 boxes per case. (12lbs total)

12lb Complete Combo Deal Box

12lb Combo Deal Box. 2 Proteins ea, 5 Options 15 x 24lb combinations! COMING SOON!

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