Delivery of raw dog food to your door

Our first week @ Back 2 Raw

We are excited to announce that our first week of launching Back 2 Raw has been a success!

We have 7 amazing dogs joining our raw dog food family.

Our dog Tahlia (boarder collie X puppy) is looking wonderful and at peak health after being on our raw food most of her life.  

Milo (Jack Russel Senior) switched from a different raw food company to ours, he was a gobbler of his previous food but with the bones in ours he is eating at a slower pace improving his digestion!

Rollo (Pom-Chihuahua Senior) switched from  a vet recommended dental kibble. He had previously tried a raw and refused to eat it but we are pleased to hear he has been eating his meals. We hope that he learns to love it and that it helps with his gingivitis!

Oreo (Shit-Poo Senior) has an allergy to chicken and an unknown environmental allergy. She has been on kibble her entire life so she is still adjusting to the changes. She has recommended it to her sister and we hope they both become happy members of our Back 2 Raw family.

Our newest member Hudson (your average Husky) has been a super fussy eater causing his owners to try countless kibble and raw brands but never seeming to please his palate. He started on our All Around Chicken recipe yesterday he was so thrilled he licked his bowl clean!

Overall its been an amazing week for us and we feel that great things are in store for Back 2 Raw!

We are off to deliver to our newest members Riley & Bentley, two brothers who's Mom says they are super excited to try their new food for dinner tonight! 

Thank you to all the amazing dogs and people supporting us!  

Delsin & Rebecca


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