Golden Flaxseed VS Fish Oil For Your Dog

Golden Flaxseed VS Fish Oil For Your Dog

This is a battle of Fish Oil supplements Vs Golden Flaxseed in terms of how well they supplement your dogs need for omegas 3, 6 and other nutrients.

Golden flaxseed is one of the absolute best seeds on the earth. It is rich in omega's including omega 3 and 6. It is also high in antioxidants and lignans. Unlike some people think Golden flaxseed is not a grain, it is in fact a seed as the name states.

Fish oil has been a popular supplement for both humans and dog food kibble manufacturers for many years. Although high in omega fatty acids fish oils have been linked to heightened mercury levels. New research has also shown that fish oil supplements are very susceptible to rancidity, when frozen, when exposed to air and even during manufacturing.

I heard Golden Flaxseed is hard for my dog to digest?

Full flaxseed's can be difficult for humans to digest, this has lead us to believe that for a dogs shorter digestive tract they would also struggle. This is why we highly recommend grinding the golden flaxseed down to a fine dust, this allows for easier absorption of nutrients in both dogs and humans. All of our recipes at Back2Raw have super finely ground golden flaxseed evenly distributed throughout each batch to ensure your dog can absorb maximum nutrients from it.

Fish oils are easier to digest?

Well for arguments sake, sure. Oils are easily absorbed through the stomach lining and into the blood stream. But why would you want something rancid to be easily digested? That would basically be like putting a small amount of poison into your blood stream day after day. Dogs cant talk but i'm sure they start feeling bad before we can see anything physically happen to them.

Pros & Cons:

Fish Oil                    Golden Flaxseed

Pros Cons Pros Cons
Easy to absorb Almost always rancid Very Stable(even frozen) Have to finely grind
No Grinding Messy & Stinky Pleasant smell
Potential for being carcinogenic Easily mixed in
Hard to mix evenly throughout food Easily absorbed when finely ground
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